Underground Natural Gas Storage

In today’s world, underground natural gas storage plays a critical role in fulfilling pipeline customer demands and delivery obligations. These demands and obligations require a vigilant and knowledgeable team of experts, including legal counsel, to ensure continued protection of the underground storage projects. The Firm has successfully served as part of such a team on multiple underground storage projects. The Firm’s underground storage work ranges from fields with operating gas capacities of 15 BCF to fields as large as 71 BCF.

The Firm provides legal counsel to both public and private underground storage clients in a wide array of underground storage matters, including: field construction and deliverability disputes, field certification, certification expansion and modification, storage gas migration disputes, disputes with offset operators, and condemnation of property rights associated with underground storage. Moreover, the Firm’s experience includes unique condemnation and litigation issues such as condemnation and valuation of existing operational gas wells for use by the underground storage operator, recovery under the uniform fraudulent transfer act for failure to meet construction/deliverability requirements, and preliminary possession of underground storage rights to be condemned. Our experience also allows for creative resolution of storage field problems, e.g. successfully enjoining production from wells on property adjoining the storage field with gas migration issues.

When litigation involving underground storage becomes necessary there is no substitute for preparation, skill and experience. The Firm has successfully litigated underground storage matters before Arbitration Panels, Commissioners, and in Federal Court. In short, the Firm offers the special expertise and resources necessary for clients to resolve disputes in their underground storage business effectively, economically and efficiently as possible.