In today’s world, chances are greater than ever that you or your business will at some time be involved in a lawsuit. The cornerstone of the Firm is its diverse litigation experience in all forums. Our attorneys regularly appear in state and federal courts, locally and nationally, at both the trial and appellate levels,
before administrative agencies and in arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Our clients are as diverse as the areas of law in which we practice. Our commitment to excellence in trial and appellate advocacy is the same for individuals as it is for our corporate clients, both large and small.

We count among our clients: manufacturing and retail companies; banks and financial institutions; insurance companies; health care providers; engineering and architectural Firms; construction companies and contractors; municipalities and government agencies; universities; and oil, gas, and energy related businesses.

As a result, we have trial experience involving securities, anti-trust, mergers, acquisitions, corporate governance disputes, bankruptcy, tax, insurance regulatory and liability litigation, products liability, personal injury, professional
liability, class actions, energy and environmental law, and toxic tort issues.

In every case, our goal is the same: thoughtfully investigate and present the facts necessary to advance our clients’ position and advocate the applicable legal principles required to achieve the best possible resolution to the client’s problem.

We also know, however, that our clients’ best interests are served by resolving disputes as early and economically as possible. The efficient use of resources and management of litigation costs is an important objective for all of our clients and an integral part of our litigation planning. To help reach these goals, we strongly support alternative dispute resolution techniques and procedures, such as mediation and arbitration. Our attorneys are well-versed in these matters, and committed to obtaining the best result for our clients when it can be achieved without litigation.