The Firm has a national reputation as one of the premier law Firms practicing in the complex field of environmental law. Our attorneys have decades of experience helping clients navigate the shifting contours of environmental regulation and litigation, with specific expertise in the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA); the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA); the Clean Water Act (CWA); the Clean Air Act (CAA); and various state counterparts to these federal statutes.

The Firm presently represents a wide variety of clients – ranging from local small businesses to international corporations – in environmental regulatory matters and multiple types of litigation. A cornerstone of the Firm’s service to existing clients is the Firm’s commitment to familiarizing itself with its clients’ respective operations and regulatory obligations so that the Firm can not only respond to a client’s requests for legal assistance, but also monitor the changing regulatory landscape to alert its clients of possible regulatory changes and counsel clients in the development of effective plans for compliance. The Firm’s unique blend of experience and expertise in matters of general litigation and regulatory compliance make it well-equipped to handle all types of environmental legal work associated with permitting, enforcement, litigation, rulemaking, insurance coverage, real property and corporate transactions, and due diligence in matters that involve:


  • Consent decrees
  • Site investigation and remediation activities
  • Cost recovery and contribution litigation
  • Brownfield redevelopment
  • Section 104(e) responses
  • Natural Resource Damages (NRD)


  • Permitting, closure plans, and compliance
  • Site investigation and remediation activities
  • Citizen suits 
  • Administrative fines and criminal penalties
  • Consent Orders


  • Permit applications, compliance, and enforcement
  • Litigation and administrative appeals
  • TMDLSs


  • Permit applications, compliance, citizen suits, and enforcement 
  • Title V, SIPs, NAAQs, and NESHAPs
  • Section 114 responses
  • Mercury, ozone, climate change, greenhouse gases (GHG), and particulate matter
  • Power plants, cement plants, oil and gas sites, and other industrial facilities 


  • Corporate internal investigations 
  • Due diligence and the sale/transfer of contaminated properties
  • Endangered species and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) 
  • Environmental torts, including claims for personal injury and/or property damage
  • Facility auditing 
  • Green building and green leases 
  • Groundwater remediation, restoration, and monitoring
  • Industries: pulp and paper; wood products; aerospace; fertilizer production; cement manufacturing; electric utilities; concentrated animal feeding operations; natural gas storage, processing, and transmission; petroleum and refining industry; glass manufacturing; and tire manufacturing.
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) 
  • Landfill siting, design, and operations
  • Mining 
  • Municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s)
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
  • Pipeline construction, breaks, and remediation
  • Radioactivity, including naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM)
  • Solid/hazardous waste treatment, storage, transportation, and disposal
  • State environmental agencies (Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Alabama, New Mexico, Washington, and Colorado)
  • Stormwater